Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Interior - Before - Kitchen and Living room

Man, was the house messed up when we bought it! The main problems where

  • Destroyed carpet in every room (including the Master Bathroom) due to pet stains.
  • Some of the subfloor in the living room was destroyed due to pet stains.
  • Kitchen and living/dining room painted black
  • Wallpaper (black!) in the dining room and Kitchen

This is the lovely "Rock wall" wallpaper and black walls in the kitchen. 


This "creative" wallpapering was in the dining room.

Kitchen - during wallpaper removal. Who paints cabinets BLACK??!

Living room

Living Room

Living Room (I DO love my Fireplace!!)

Living room.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Cottage - Before - Exterior and Yard

We purchased our new house in Summer of 2011! It was pretty scary both outside and inside! Here's a look of what it looked like "Before" we did any work on it! 

Front of house

House and "deck" - deck seriously needs HELP!
Tree growing OUT of the deck - right side of pic, was removed in May 2012. 

Front yard. - very DEAD! 

Front gate/fence and peeling garage.

Crazy Ivy covered chimney!

I actually loved the ivy, but I knew it had to go, it was coming in the house! 

Right now (as of May 2012) the only work done on the outside of the house/yard is to have the yard watered so it's not so dead (haha!) and we've removed some trees, trimmed other trees and planted some new ones! I also have tons of beautiful roses and mini roses that I am learning to take care of. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hi - I'm Gnomely!

Lala found me at Hobby Lobby all alone on a shelf with some clearance spring and summer items. I immediately was purchased and brought home, and live on the fireplace hearth. I was originally going to be an outdoor Gnome, but I'm just too cute for that!

I got my name because Lala said I looked lonely..and Steve (the Pun-ster that he is) said I wasn't lonely, I was "Gnomely"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Post!

Welcome to Gnomely's Cottage! What is Gnomely's Cottage anyway? Well, Lala and Steve have waited many years to purchase their own home. We purchased a gorgeous "fixer-upper" in Boise, Idaho. Gnomely is the name of the little gnome that lives in our house - his story to come later.

Expect to see photos of our house remodel, crafts, stuff about our crazy family and more!